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New year 2023 my fashion resolutions

Overconsumption is so outdated, hauls are out and sustainability is the new black or so they say…When everyone and their dog has so many clothes – how can we remain chic & sane I ask you? 

I am bucking the trend by Wearing the same (stylish) things day after day, year after year. 

2023 fashion resolutions

  • # 1 # thou shall only buy FIVE new/or pre owned  pieces of clothing in 2023 ! You know the old cliché buy fewer and buy better… well I am about to give myself some strict guidelines here.
  • If I am only allowed five items a year, they require some thought. It means buying less than just ONE piece of clothing every couple of months. No impulse, purchases, no imaginary lifestyle buys and no ‘just in case’ pieces. 
  • On the plus side it also means we can really afford to buy better. I can have one amazing cashmere dress instead of 3 cheapies ones. This rule includes clothes such as: jeans, coats, knitwear, dresses, tops and accessories like hats & gloves. It doesn’t include underwear or shoes or (take a deep breath) bags. 
  • #2 # thou shall own at least six complete sets of quality underwear/socks. Get a proper bra fitting, vests camisoles etc. Top quality fibres, machine washable and very comfortable. I read somewhere that the intended lifespan for a set of undies is about 6-12 months, but most of us keep them for years-decades even! Shocking! ( hangs head in Shame) 
  • # 3# thou shall limit thyself to a maximum of  three new pairs of shoes. ( trainers, boots and even home slippers included) A tricky one for me, because I use my trainers like some people use their car. Walking everywhere is my main form of transport. so I need to replenish my shoe collection fairly often. My shoes need to be comfort driven, and wide fit not to mention easy to clean. Vagabond and Clark’s have great shoes for wide feet and I tend to machine wash my trainers. 
  • # 4# thou shall buy ONE and only one bag this year. It can be Hermes, jacquemus  or CHANEL Celine or longchamp. It can only be ONE though. It’s cruel I know… (However I do allow myself two or even three extra cotton totes for shopping. Washable, light and my shoulders are grateful)  
  • # 5# thou shall see the light in the wardrobe. Don’t be in a hurry to ‘detox the wardrobe’, by far the most sustainable option is to use what we have for the next few years.
  •  Nonetheless it’s important to be able to actually clearly see what we have – not having so much that we can’t display/organise. Surplus items can be donated. Personally, I no longer bother trying to sell my fashion mistakes, it takes too long and is delusional to even think you can recover the cost. My mistakes are also becoming fewer as there is no ‘resale value ‘ argument in my head.
  • Arranging my entire wardrobe  so I can view all clothes, was a game changer. It took a while and lots of trial & error. Despite what you may have heard: Matching hangers are not essential, but excellent lighting is non-negotiable. Nicely back lit hanger rails are the best, plus overhead light on dimmers or a lamp for mood enhancing atmospheres. Yes that – and a full length triptych mirror. ( mine is from IKEA but really its better (and more chic) if you can find a vintage or second hand one. 
  • #6# last but not least, depending on how I get on I give myself permission to engage a professional stylist for help. Why not? We have personal trainers, hairdressers why not fashion stylists? As long as they are prepared to work with my existing clothes and my rules. If you have any recommendations let me know. 

Note: limiting the actual number of items (rather than setting a budget) are to give me some solid guidelines, your numbers may be different. I live in a 4-season climate, work and travel a fair bit. Also lucky enough to already own a lot of high quality clothes, not everyone is the same. If you follow this blog I will record what I buy and we shall see how successful all this is by the end of the year. 

Love you and thank you for reading!


Published by lady sarah in london

I am a handbag consultant! Reformed perfectionista, art collector and animal lover.

6 thoughts on “New year 2023 my fashion resolutions

  1. Love this LS!! I’m really going to try and be much better this year! In the meantime, I found the exact bag (cross body/bum bag) that you posted a picture of from the Max Mara window…the black with gold HW a few posts back….found it on The Real Real for under $200! That’s $1000 off retail!! I had to get it!! I should have it this week and it’ll be a great travel bag to be hands free. I don’t have many hands free bags so this was a must!!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. The discipline!!! 5 and only 1 handbag??!! The longchamp pliage does tick the same boxes as the cotton tote…so technically that can give you 2 bags lol!

    Jokes asides, after 2 years of unbridled shopping I plan to stick to 15-20 fashion items in 2023. I’ve done some big declutters and refreshes in some categories the past 2 years. I want to live in, enjoy, and use my wardrobe this year vs constantly buying the umpteenth variation of something.


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