London heatwaves, -not as we know it


Wearing real clothes again, for the sheer joy of it. 

Time to invest in a loose fitting dress and the little bag of the season. Jacquemus still reigns supreme on that department.

London is sweltering, so good to see people out and about, all dressed ( and still masked up)  We may be suffering from the indignities of brexit, but continental style outdoor eating is now de rigueur.
If you are able to come to London, it’s a great time to do it. The world is re – opening but is not crazy busy,  just yet.
…most restaurants do require a booking, so best to plan ahead.

and of course shopping…Libertys awaits you with many delights. New collections bursting with new ideas. I am a huge proponent  for second hand shopping, which I view as ecologically preferable, yet the occasional new item can bring a freshness in our wardrobe.
lighten up!
And don’t forget the home department, our homes are now our personal art galleries!
A good old fashioned declutter plus a new furniture arrangement, some plants… so often is about what we remove rather than what we add!

my motto:

A well put together outfit always improves the darkest of moods. whats not to like?

And How about you dear blog friends?

The fight to Save the Elephant
The fight against evil must go on, please help to spread the word to save the elephant from extinction. Whatever you can give makes a difference.

Published by lady sarah in london

I am a handbag consultant! Reformed perfectionista, art collector and animal lover.

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