The Hermès ‘journey’

This post is dedicated to fellow travellers  and Hermes aficionados …

The Hermès journey may be long,  but when it comes to service and quality, there are no shortcuts. 
I have to confess that I really love it, when  the sales associates and store managers welcome me by name, at any of beloved Hermes boutiques.
Proper conversation is appreciated  (especially now with social opportunities, so limited) and of course, actual help with whatever crazy request one may have. Homeware? A blanket or perhaps some cushions? Menswear, a present for my father? They also offer me good advice, peppered with pertinent suggestions for new treasures.
I never feel pushed into purchasing anything, but often regret it when I don’t. Is that FOMO? 


Anyway funds are fairly limited, so one has a to exercise some form of self restraint. 
Irrespective of how much or how little I buy, always feel welcome as a person and valued as a customer.
Even so, I was pleasantly surprised to be offered the chance to order bespoke. (Or oh la- la carte – as we like to say) 
It’s a tough one because, I ve reached a decision to only buy the things I need,
rather than everything I want. 

only buy the things I need, rather than everything I want.

At this point going abroad on some sort of real holiday, is top of my list ( though highly unlikely) and there only so many Kelly bags a girl can use. 

If you are starting out on your personal Hermès  journey, stay cool and reserved about ‘the bag’. Desperation is never attractive. Some will suggest hijacking the process, going the reseller route, but I am not so sure. Unless, of course, you are looking for vintage, a whole different ballgame. 1990’s box Kelly’s are in a league of their own. 


bon voyage fellow travellers and share your stories! 

Check out this post here, we described the FOUR handbag must haves.


Forthcoming post: 5 handbags you really DONT need.( this may in fact ruffle some feathers)

The fight to Save the Elephant The fight against evil must go on, please help to spread the word to save the elephant from extinction. Whatever you can give makes a difference.

Published by lady sarah in london

I am a handbag consultant! Reformed perfectionista, art collector and animal lover.

3 thoughts on “The Hermès ‘journey’

  1. What a fun post, dear Sarah; I so wish I lived near a boutique! (I’m sure my husband is relieved that we don’t, LOL.) Instead, I have to order most items (e.g., scarves) from H online, and purchase bags when I travel. I agree that the experience is lovely but at the end of the day, it’s the item that we have to love after the experience fades. Resale can work if the reseller is 100% trustworthy — no eBay for me!– and/or you don’t have the time and patience to hunt down something specific at a boutique. It’s also a good way to purchase a (non-K or B) bag at a more affordable price.

    It is indeed a slippery orange slope… but so much fun. xx Alisa

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  2. I cringed at first when I heard about ‘the journey’, but lovin it now. I don’t buy much but we usually treat it as an anniversary special. Lipstick, parfum, scarf it makes the day special.
    Any recommendations for reliable pre loved Kelly’s that don’t cost £££££££


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