…digital detox aftermath.


  My digital detox aftermath. First attempt!

Since London re opened – I meant to have a weeks digital detox.

Say no to Instagram, no on-line forums, no streaming,  no TV – and wait for it- no email!

How did that work?
Complete disaster at first- giving up hard drugs has to be easier!
It soon became apparent that email is now part of our natural evolution and cannot be ignored. Even though, (I was supposed to be off work,) at least half a dozen, e-mails had to be answered, there and then.

What I learned?
Perseverance pays off. At first, I almost got anxiety attacks from mindless IG scrolling deprivation. Have you ever experienced that? 

My tips to survive, if you wanna try
Plan some real life outings with real people. Yes, take photos of you must, but no need to post. Visiting brick &  mortar Shops, afternoon tea with a friend and even house cleaning, are all good substitutes to on -line living.
Yes it’s hard at first. but is got to be done – following the simple principle of replacing one habit with another.
A dear friend suggested more meditation, but actually that was too hard! I think just gradually easing out to meet actual  people might be an easier option. I still take my iPhone but mindful about checking my emails.

What I got out of it
A clear perspective of the sheer volume of time wasted on these pursuits! It can literally suck your energy dry. That alone is motivation to give it a go. 

Detox follow up
Although technically I am now allowed back on line, there is a time limit for each application. It’s encouraging to see how MUCH MORE I can get done.  Anxiety? Calmez vous everyone!

what do you think precious blog friends? Would you ever try a digital detox?

The fight to Save the Elephant
The fight against evil must go on, please help to spread the word to save the elephant from extinction. Whatever you can give makes a difference.

Published by lady sarah in london

I am a handbag consultant! Reformed perfectionista, art collector and animal lover.

3 thoughts on “…digital detox aftermath.

  1. I definitely think that a digital detox can help so much with your wellbeing, and I am glad it has helped you! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    Feel free to read some of my blogs 🙂


  2. I think we could and/or should all give this a try! Even 10 years ago I wasn’t as attached to my phone as I am now. I kind of miss the ‘old days’!!

    Liked by 1 person

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