the post-COVID (mental) detox

 calm interiors

We all know that overindulgence with on-line time is bad for our mental health. But that isn’t the whole story.

The baddies

Mindlessly scrolling with Social media, celeb gossip forums, (so dull and yet so popular!) Youtube videos with impossibly perfect lifestyles, & lavish shopping  addictions, these are just some of the darker sides of on-line living. I would also add getting drawn in political or other arguments on Facebook or TPF. Brexit, Trump, Johnson, twillies, 🤨box vs Epsom  -some things, we are never going to see eye to eye. 

The goodies

On the brighter side of on-line time – picking up language skills, is easy peasy! My nephew had on-line language classes for years, even before lockdown. He now speaks pretty good french, spanish and (I think) something resembling chinese mandarin – not bad for a 12 year old.  on- line yoga & pilates and even work related  zoom meetings? No brained! These save much precious  time – so much more efficient really. 

A healthy life balance may contain interaction with plenty of  real people, restaurants serving actual food to eat, (rather than just photographing it for IG), visiting proper shops and above all: travel!

Traveling broadens the mind!

aaah how we missed travel! About to book a serene getaway with a full digital detox, thrown in. Planning for walks, plenty of yoga and meditation – bliss! The only question that remains: (somewhat unsettling my zen) 🙂What handbag do I need to take? Any suggestions?


The fight to Save the Elephant
The fight against evil must go on, please help to spread the word to save the elephant from extinction. Whatever you can give makes a difference.

Published by lady sarah in london

I am a handbag consultant! Reformed perfectionista, art collector and animal lover.

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