The handbag psychology

The handbag you never knew you needed  !…

In the previous post here, we described the FOUR handbag must haves. There is a fifth category! Guesses? I am talking about the trophy bag.
the trophy bag.
This can be anything from a ‘grande dame’, shiny red hermes birkin to a teeny-tiny kellly twilly charm with everything in between. It can be a super chanel classic, a brand new Louis Vuitton speedy or a vintage Dior. 
The trophy bag category is separate from the other four because it is unattainable. It only exists in our head (and within the head of our ‘handbag tribe’). Maybe you’ve seen the trophy bag on IG, or maybe at the Paris fashion (c2018) show. Or maybe your favourite celeb has it. It is unattainable, but not simply because its eye wateringly expensive (which it is!) not because its impossibly hard to find (ditto).
How to identify the trophy bag fixation

When the coveted trophy bag  makes it home, it looses its status. Yes you love it, but mentally we’ve moved into the next thing. The trophy bag is always morphing into something else. It is also the basis of ‘collecting’ and encouraged by most fashion brands. 

The previous 4 categories have a function (and  they may also be ‘trophy’ bags, rare or mega-expensive) but in its purest form the trophy bag may not even suit the ‘lifestyle’. Good example of trophy bags are jacquemus mini (guilty as charged!) anything exotic (aka reptile leather, though why destroying the planet is something to be proud off – beats me) 
How to cure the trophy bag fixation?
Can we resist the trophy bag?  I was recently offered the chance to place a ‘special order’ (otherwise known as oh- la – la carte😉) with Hermes. (Let me know if you are interested to hear more details about the process) The bag will be ‘unique’ made just for me by some of the most talented artisans in the world. There is very real potential to order something truly ghastly here, just to be unique. Of course, one could not turn this opportunity down, I am looking forward to see the results. The cure? I haven’t found it yet.
Like I said, the handbag I never knew I needed…


Forthcoming post: 5 handbags you really DONT need.( this May ruffle some feathers)

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